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Border Security

Our nation must have secure borders. Weak and open borders lead to a plethora of problems that our nation faces. Drug trafficking, human trafficking, and a strain on our financial and legal system are but a few of the issues. Federal agencies such as the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) must have the training and resources necessary to achieve their mission to keep our country and citizens safe.

Our nation – a nation of immigrants – have set forth a process to enter this country. That system for the above reasons must be followed. If the process we have in place is not working for the American people, then we have the ability and duty to amend it through the legislative process.

COVID Response and Policies

COVID is real. This disease has been devastating for many and it is shameful that COVID has been politicized and used as a tool to place fear and control over the American people. Statistically, states such as Oregon that have completely shut down are doing no better or worse than states that remain open. COVID is going to spread as all viruses do and mutate as all viruses do. People will succumb to the virus as we have seen, and many will have mild to no symptoms at all. The government’s role should be:

  • honesty about the origination and spread of the virus,
  • ensuring that the vaccine is available to those who wish to take it,
  • and continue to help facilitate the needs of our health care workers and industry.

Forest Management

As a state and as a nation we are burning up millions of acres of public and private lands every year, not to mention loss of property and tragically loss of life. These losses come as a direct result of failed environmental policy. Over the last 30 plus years there has been a systematic shutdown of land management on our national forest system, leading to increased size and intensity of these fires. The management style we are currently using clearly doesn’t work.

What works? Logging, thinning, grazing, and active land management. Increasing the production of our federal lands would stimulate our economy and our communities wouldn’t be subject to subsidized dollars for their survival. I would explore placing co-generation plants in and around many of these communities to generate electricity that is so desperately needed. These would also create living wage jobs and stimulate local economies. Co-generation would allow the dangerous fuels that are burning dirty with numerous cancer-causing chemicals to be burned in a contained and controlled environment. This leads to a reduction in fuels, a reduction in smoke and carbon, and an increase in local economies, a win all the way around.

Retirement Security

Every American that worked for the betterment of themselves and this country should be secure in their retirement years. Many retirees are forced to pick up supplemental employment to keep up with inflation and taxation. This should not have to be an option based on bad policy and over taxation.

The National Debt and Tax Policy

Our national debt and our national spending are out of control. A balanced budget is the only way to protect our financial viability as a nation. America doesn’t have an income problem; America has a spending problem which is not sustainable. The current administration and Democrat-led legislature is consistently pushing multi trillion-dollar spending bills with no reassurance on how they will be paid for. It is irresponsible.  

The government must control spending and stop the tax burden placed on the citizens of our country. Americans deserve better fiscal responsibility from our elected officials.


America, with its vast resources and ingenuity should never trade at a deficit with other countries around the world. We should approach trade from the position of strength we hold.

Foreign Policy

America is a world leader and should always lead from a position of strength and diplomacy. The world looks to us for assistance and advice on many levels and we must ensure that our government and its agencies are working to protect us and our allies around the world.

America should never take second stage to any country that engages in piracy, cyber-attacks, human rights violations, WMD proliferation, or any other action that seeks to diminish the goals of the US and our allies.


I have worked in the health care industry my entire life. Medicare, and some of the policies that go with it, need to be re-evaluated to serve our elderly population better. The elderly does not always get the level of care they deserve based on government policy.


Education is a cornerstone of our country, and the overall strength and security of our nation relies on future generations. Ensuring that our kids get quality education, not indoctrination, is key to improving society. Education on every level is paramount to a strong and prosperous people.

Gun Policy

I am pro-Second Amendment. I would never infringe on this right just as I wouldn’t infringe on any of the other rights afforded by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The people have a right to arm themselves for self-defense and the protection of their family and property.

Anarchy in Portland

The continued anarchy in Portland is a travesty for all Oregonians. What has been allowed to happen without consequences has blackened the eye of every Oregonian and citizen of this state. Tolerating this kind of behavior in any city, let alone ours should never have happened. The message of lawlessness without consequences only emboldens more lawlessness.

Mental Health

Mental health in our state and country is deteriorating. The lockdowns last year only exacerbated the issue. We need to allocate more resources to combat suicides and other mental health related incidents.

Further, teen suicide is a travesty of our society. My wife and I have attended many trainings on this very subject and are actively involved in reaching these at-risk youth. There are programs and processes in place to help at risk teens, but we need to be able to connect the two. I would look to front line mental health workers to better understand why and what we can do to lower our teen suicide rate.

Why I am Running

I am running for several reasons: (1) to improve the state of our environment, (2) to fix the lack of communication with local government, (3) to repair our immigration system and secure the border, and (4) get the homeless off the street and help them stay off it.
Our federal lands are being systematically shut down and burned up before our very eyes. From loss of property and life to the cancer-causing chemicals they produce, we must be better stewards of the land.

Elected officials have stopped listening to local governments and what the constituency demands and deserves. I will have staff to deal directly with city and county governments and will work diligently with them not only for our state but also for our nation.

The immigration system has crumbled. Open borders and the total disregard of federal border agencies have created a crisis on many levels. Secure borders ensure a secure nation, and I will work diligently to secure our nation.

Homelessness is a multi-faceted issue that touches on mental health treatment and addiction services. We must recognize that homelessness is cyclical. Our current process is not working, and it is failing many people. We need to enhance our mental health and addiction services so that those currently on the streets can reenter society and take part in improving it.