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Why I am Running

I am running for several reasons: (1) to improve the state of our environment, (2) to fix the lack of communication with local government, (3) to repair our immigration system and secure the border, and (4) get the homeless off the street and help them stay off it.
Our federal lands are being systematically shut down and burned up before our very eyes. From loss of property and life to the cancer-causing chemicals they produce, we must be better stewards of the land.

Elected officials have stopped listening to local governments and what the constituency demands and deserves. I will have staff to deal directly with city and county governments and will work diligently with them not only for our state but also for our nation.

The immigration system has crumbled. Open borders and the total disregard of federal border agencies have created a crisis on many levels. Secure borders ensure a secure nation, and I will work diligently to secure our nation.

Homelessness is a multi-faceted issue that touches on mental health treatment and addiction services. We must recognize that homelessness is cyclical. Our current process is not working, and it is failing many people. We need to enhance our mental health and addiction services so that those currently on the streets can reenter society and take part in improving it.