Always Educating.
Always Listening.
Always Giving.

Working Hard. It’s What Sam Does.

Sam is a hard worker. Plain and simple. He has worked 10 seasons with the John Day Helitack crew fighting wildland fires, most of them as a crew leader. As a leader, he earned numerous awards including one for saving the life of a civilian bus driver during a firestorm event. During this time, Sam put himself through college earning his nursing degree in 1986. In addition, he was certified as an emergency medical technician and a firefighter through the Pendleton Fire and Ambulance Service. Sam went on to run a hospital-based ambulance service, become a helicopter flight nurse in Las Vegas, manage an emergency room, work trauma and critical care, to currently working in surgery and oncology.

With a skill for teaching, Sam always had a passion to teach new up-and-coming young professionals. During these years he was also able to start a small yet successful logging company. Hard work is nothing Sam ever shied away from.

A Record of Giving Back.

Outside of normal work hours, Sam has given back to the community that helped mold him into the person he is today. He was elected to be a Grant County Commissioner in 2019 where he helped guide the county through a flood, fire, drought, and a global pandemic. Ever since his first act of public service, Sam has never slowed down.

Sam currently volunteers for Grant County Search and Rescue and serves with the non-profit Sleep in Heavenly Peace where he helps build beds for children in need.

“No child sleeps on the floor in our town.”

Dedicated to agriculture and the responsible management of our forests, Sam is a member of the Oregon Farm Bureau, an elected member of the Grant County Forest Commission, and a member of the Blue Intergovernmental Council (BIC) where he co-chairs the Forest Health Subcommittee. While a part of these organizations, Sam has effectively rewritten plans that lead to the improvement of eastern Oregon national forest health and brought the federal government to the table in seeking resolution on land use issues.

Sam also serves as an usher in his local church.

A Family Man.

Sam and his wife, Yao, reside in Grant County. They have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren. Sam continues his career as a nurse, business owner, and commissioner.

After earning her Master’s degree from the University of Idaho, Yao started her work as a clinical supervisor for community counseling solutions, working with some of our most at-risk community members. Together, Sam and Yao work tirelessly for the benefit of the community they know and love. In their spare time, they raise registered white dexter cattle and enjoy spending time with their dog, Bella.

Honest & Hardworking

I strongly support Sam for Oregons next Senator. I have known Sam for many years. He is honest, hard working, and will provide dedicated public service to our state.

Errol Claire
Retired Biologist/Natural Resource Consultant

Sam is looking out for you.

Border Security

Our nation must have secure borders. Weak and open borders lead to a plethora of problems that our nation faces. Drug trafficking, human trafficking, and a strain on our financial and legal system are but a few of the issues. Federal agencies such as the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) must have the training and resources necessary to achieve their mission to keep our country and citizens safe.

Our nation – a nation of immigrants – have set forth a process to enter this country. That system for the above reasons must be followed. If the process we have in place is not working for the American people, then we have the ability and duty to amend it through the legislative process.

COVID Response and Policies

COVID is real. This disease has been devastating for many and it is shameful that COVID has been politicized and used as a tool to place fear and control over the American people. Statistically, states such as Oregon that have completely shut down are doing no better or worse than states that remain open. COVID is going to spread as all viruses do and mutate as all viruses do. People will succumb to the virus as we have seen, and many will have mild to no symptoms at all. The government’s role should be:

  • honesty about the origination and spread of the virus,
  • ensuring that the vaccine is available to those who wish to take it,
  • and continue to help facilitate the needs of our health care workers and industry.

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